Thursday, October 30, 2014

ConnecTable #2 by Moldover

Physical jamboxes have been one-of-a-kind creations, until now. ConnecTable is Moldover's standardized, modular, and open-source platform for making jamboxes more quickly, affordably, and awesomely. Say hello to the world's second ConnecTable, nicknamed "The Launchbox Junior".
Orbit by DJ Tech Tools

DJ TechTools’ latest musical experiment offers an alternative to main room dj attractions, by inviting party goers to experience the joys of controlling music in a collaborative fashion. Built for Richie Hawtin’s Enter party this summer in Ibiza, 12 independent touch wheels on a large circular table allow people to play one instrument in an evolving “dj mix” running through Ableton Live. VIDEO:
The Launchbox by Moldover

The Launch Box is the first jambox built using the ConnecTable platform. ConnecTable is a standardized, modular, and open set of tools for creating jamboxes quickly and affordably. Thanks to Ninja Tune, Novation, Ableton, and Cycling 74' for supporting this project. VIDEO:

Featured Event

Unleash your inner music-maker at The Tech’s new exhibition, here for a limited engagement in 2014. Explore what it means to make music in the digital age. Interact, and inspire your creative spirit with the help of more than a dozen imaginative new musical instruments.

Exhibition Highlights

  • 14 installations by renowned artists that allow you to collaborate and explore the boundaries of music making.
  • Red Hot and Sympathetic Resonance, two large-scale, electro-acoustic experiences bring a technological twist to familiar acoustic instruments.
  • The multi-player ConnecTable invites spontaneous jam sessions with friends and strangers alike – no rehearsal necessary!
  • The Space Palette puts futuristic soundscapes at participants’ fingertips – literally. 
  • Stepping Tones’ immersive projection mapped environment lets participants create and visualize beats by hand.
  • The Laser Harp Alembic surrounds visitors with an orchestra of sounds, each just a pluck of the air away.

…and many more. Full details
Cotracks by Futucraft

Cotracks is a collaborative music studio for teamwork on a single iPad. With Cotracks you can create multiple layers of loops and phrases with multiple instruments. In Cotracks you are never farther than a single tap away from recording, regardless whether you are flying solo or collaborating with a few friends.

The Reactable was conceived as an instrument to bring back the expressive possibilities of traditional instruments to musicians who are working with new technologies. It uses concepts of modular synthesis, sampling, advanced digital effects processing, and DJing and combines them with modern human computer interaction, multitouch technology and a tangible interface. The Reactable is a completely new experience in live music performance. Its collaborative and multi-user capabilities, allow the instrument to be played by several simultaneous performers, opening a whole new universe of entertaining and creative possibilities.
The Octamasher by Moldover

The Octamasher was created in 2005 for festival and party environments. It repurposes eight musical keyboards into new musical instruments and allows anyone to instantly remix & mashup samples from popular songs. MORE INFO

Syzygryd is a town square for the collaborative creation of music. It’s a public space, it’s a sculpture, and it’s a professional musical instrument. It’s the most beautiful expression we can imagine of the joy we take in community, music, technology, fire, sculpture and architecture. Three large custom hardware grid sequencers. Each controls a single instrument and they share a clock, so they’re all synchronized. By controlling time, pitch, and harmony, these devices make it easy for people with no musical training or talent to create melodious compositions.
The Syncomasher by Moldover

The SyncoMasher was created in 2009 for performances by trained music-makers. It features five new hybrid interfaces, that combine parts of traditional instruments with elements of modern controllers. The SyncoMasher forms a new kind of quintet, instantly accessible to both players & audiences. MORE INFO
Space Palette by Tim Thompson

The Space Palette is a musical and graphical instrument that lets you play music and paint visuals simultaneously by waving your hands in the holes of a wood frame. No pre-recorded media, sequences, or loops are used - everything is generated in realtime by your hands. The wood frame is a reference for the player, while the Microsoft Kinect is used to detect the position of whatever hands (or objects) appear in the holes of the frame. The depth of your hands matters as much as their left/right/up/down position - it's like having multiple three-dimensional mouse pads in mid-air.
The Minimasher by Moldover

The MiniMasher was created in 2010 for young and old alike. It combines three instruments in one transparent surface, providing a visually and musically interactive group experience. MORE INFO
Zeum Mix by Lyes Belhocine & Drew Detweiler

Designed for Zeum, the San Francisco's Children's Museum, Zeum Mix is a platform that allows up to four users to control audio-visual media in real time. It can be described as a multi-user DJ/VJ station where each participant can mix sound and video collaboratively through the same interface. User controls are laser-etched on glowing green plexiglass located along the table's edges. Users can start and stop audio and video loops, select the audio and video loop that is playing, select audio and video effects to be applied, and control the chosen effects.
Beat Jigsaw by Gavin Morris

The Beat Jigsaw is a jigsaw puzzle which the user can play with to create music and vj style graphics. The interface is a number of wooden blocks which can be slid around a table top. The arrangement of each piece in a certain position triggers a specific sound and corresponding video loop via a projector. By utilizing more and more pieces the user can build layers of samples and create his/her own music. The Beat Jigsaw is an Interactive Multimedia Installation which invites audience participation. It is a musical instrument, an immersive experience and most importantly, a lot of fun to play with!
The Drum Machine

The Drum Machine is a unique audio visual experience which provides up to six users a chance to jam in time together and create an unexpected live improvised electronic composition. The idea behind the Drum Machine is to promote the use of music technology in a simple form that allows many more people to ‘play’ and make music they would other wise never have the chance to. It is based around the concept of a futuristic drum circle, where people are encouraged to listen and react to one another’s beats to spur on the creativity of the music being produced. Anyone can play the machine, from those with absolutely no musical knowledge at all through to keyboard or drumming geniuses and get just as much from it.
Rematrix by Rich DDT

The Rematrix is a four-player musical JamBox for seamlessly remixing Beats, Bass, Melody and Vocals - you can even AutoTune your own voice into the mix! Welcome to the Drum Circle of the Future.
Monolith 2.0 by Tim Thompson

Monolith 2.0 appeared at Burning Man in 2009, and was the same size (11 feet high) as the Monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey. The theme that year was Evolution, and just as the original Monolith triggered jumps in human evolution, Monolith 2.0 triggered jumps in the musical expression of people who discovered it. It was also a study in contrasts - one side was a simple visual instrument (a blackboard with colored chalk) and the other side was a complex two-person musical instrument with over 100 buttons, 32 velocity-sensitive pads, 4 multitouch surfaces, and 2 LCD displays. Passers-by could immediately play music with individual notes and drum hits, typically quantized, looped, and scale-enforced. A little study of the interface - reading the button labels and LCD displays - was rewarded by allowing deep manipulation of two synchronized 5-track MIDI loopers driving synthesizers and audio effects. The installation was running on a small battery-powered computer with 15 USB devices plugged into it, and was running 24x7 for an entire week. VIDEO:
The Improbable Orchestra

The Improbable Orchestra is an interactive, live-remix, music-making machine. You will need no musical skill to sculpt the Improbable Orchestra's looping audio stream to your liking, creating mash-ups, breakdowns, and possibly even funky jams on the fly. Bring your friends - up to four people can play at once! It's a musical instrument, a sound sculpture, a game - but most of all it's an opportunity for non-musicians to experience the joy of a musical jam session. Come by and twist some of our painstakingly soldered knobs! VIDEO:
Laser Harp Alembic

L'HA! is a 72-channel, interactive MIDI computer interface. It's a 7' tall by 7' wide, triangulated keyboard featuring light beams that trigger computer-based music. L'HA! is coupled with state-of-the-art music software that allows numerous participants to simultaneously control any/all musical functions (triggering individual musical notes, sounds, and/or loops, as well as an infinite variety of special effects) by physically interacting with light. The result is a musical instrument with virtually infinite capability.
9 Box Method by Mark Mosher

Part collaborative instrument, part interactive installation – the 9 Box allows up to four casual players to instantly make music and shape sound by manipulating blocks called AudioCubes. This hands-on approach allows players to manipulate sets of sounds in 3x3 grids – hence the name 9 Box. The 9 Box supports also supports user creatable “refills” allowing for unique and endless sonic possibilities.
The Hydraphon by Nils Hoffman

The Hydraphon is a multiplayer-instrument for 4 - 8 players. The number of "heads" on the "hydra" and its musical content are variable: It can reach from a maximum of eight "heads" to only four - and the musical content may vary from electronic to classical music or anything in-between. So it´s more like a platform, that can quickly be adapted to different situations and events. Each player operates one "head" of the hydraphon. Each "head" is loaded with 120 Audio-Loops or Samples, that can easily be modified by each player with individual effects. This results in an astronomic amount of combinations. VIDEO:

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Rockmate by Fingerlab

Rockmate turns your iPad into a complete music studio easy and super fun to use. You can compose, record and play songs with up to 4 Rock players on one single iPad. Rockmate is easy to play with smart chords progressions, sounds great with separated guitar effects and in-house produced audio samples and is also fully customizable with multiple drums and keyboard styles.